It’s born in Italy the first international Free Diving Festival on April 30th – May 1st, in Y-40, Montegrotto Terme (Padova) Italy.

By La Redazione

EUDI-FreedivingEUphoria is the first big European freediving festival.

Wanted by Eudi (European Dive Show), the 1st edition of EUDI FreedivingEUphoria will be on the 30th of April and the 1st of May in Montegrotto Terme (Padua, Italy) at Y-40, the deepest pool in the world. The event wants to be a big meeting for any level freedivers and spearfishermen (passionates, athletes, trainers, doctors, etc…).
The EUDI FreedivingEUphoria will be developed on four main topics:

Conferences and Technical meetings.
Meetings and speeches hold by some of the most famous freedivers and spearfishermen at world level: they will talk about their training techniques, their lives, their objectives and the strategies they use to reach them, new training programmes, their records.

Freediving Activities.
Participants can train and practice in the deepest pool of the world (42 mt, 33°C) together with some of the strongest international athletes. Any session will last 90 minutes during which free divers will have the possibility to train and practice, regardless of the skill level.

The EUDI FreedivingEUphoria contest in Static.
A “total free” static free diving contest open to everybody. Just like in similar international contests (Dubai, Prague, USA, etc…) the athletes will not be allowed to use material: no computers, no goggles, no diving suit. There is a money prize for the first three best and for the best female performance. The contest will be held the 1st of May with a first selection session, and the finals will be held at 5pm. Details of the rules will be communicated later on.
Champions and participants will have the chance to face each other, each one within their limits, in a very peculiar kind of contest: it will be also visible from underwater windows of the Y-40 pool, and via live-streaming on the web.

Freediving and spearfishing material company.
A showcase fair for artisans and companies of the sector will be held during this event. A show for products and novelties, and an occasion to be directly in contact with the companies and their technicians. Participants will have the chance to test all the products in the pool.

Two days spent all together for sharing the freediving passion, ideas, for meeting each other, starting early in the morning and finishing in the night with big dinner buffets. The 1st of May, after dinner, there will be the award ceremony with the winners of the competition…and then a big party!

The countdown has already started. Reservation will be open from March 2nd at the Eudi Show (held in Bologna from the 2nd till the 4th of March) and online at (registration until available seats).

More details are coming in the next days.

For now… save the date!

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